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This is a tool for collecting ideas and a first step into the development of a project concept. It consists from the steps collecting associations - structuring - concretizing.

[edit] In short

  • any group
  • 30 minutes
  • paper and pens

[edit] Preparation

Make sure, that you or your participants are in a relaxed and focused mood. Background music or a inspiring decoration of the learning space may support this.

For each group of three/four people, prepare 5 to 7 sheets with one word on each sheet in the center (font-size around 36pt). You may choose from this list:

  • At home
  • Challenges
  • Problems
  • Initiative
  • Team
  • Environment
  • Neighbourhood
  • Politics
  • Sustainability
  • Social

[edit] Conduct

1. Small groups with 3 or 4 participants. 2 or 3 people are sitting back-to-back on the floor. The third person receives a sheet with words.

2. The person with the sheet reads out loud the first word. The other 2 participants associate freely and speak their associations out. The reading person writes down the associations on the paper.

After 1 minute the next sheet will be taken.

3. The participants analyze their word clouds. They identify the five most important or interesting aspects on each sheet and mark them. This is the start for a next concretizing step.

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