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An example for a travel reimbursement form
Travel reimbursement is as special type of administrating expenditures . Often organizations have special documents for that, because a lot of small receipts have to be related one concrete person or trip.

The main part of the form is the receipt list with information regarding the amount of money, the destination and the exchange rate.


[edit] Attached Original Receipts

The attached original receipts glued on blank paper
Attached to the document you find the original receipts. For that you have to stick every single receipt on an A4 paper.

[edit] Copies of Return-Tickets

Often tickets for the way back cannot be archived in originals. Therefore you might add copies, which can later be replaced by the originals.

[edit] Currency Exchange Receipt

An example of a receipt for exchange rates
Like in this example, people often deal with different currencies. Therefore you attach to your reimbursement form as well a receipts for exchange rates.

[edit] Airplanes

For a reimbursement of flights you need one document, giving evidence about the amount you paid (often the invoice). In addition, you should add as well the boarding passes, although they do not show any amount. But they prove, that the journey did take place. Therefore you should as well send the boarding passes of the return flights by mail.

[edit] Cars

Often there are fixed rates for each kilometer a trip takes (like it is in MitOst 0,22 €/km). In other cases only the costs for gasoline will be reimbursed, which are shown on the receipts. For both reimbursement systems a document is requested, that shows the realistic amount of kilometers (like a printout from a route planning website like OpenRouteService).

Take care: in the most cases organizations want to be asked in advance, if a reimbursement of car trips might happen. Some of them limit the reimbursement to the price of a train ticket.

[edit] Reimbursement in your project

Experience shows, that travel reimbursement can take a lot of time, bonding a lot of people. Time, which you not will have for the content. Therefore we recommend to reflect the following

  • Make in advance clear, what your conditions for a reimbursement are: the amount that you can reimburse concrete and if you will do it by cash or by bank transfer (ex post).
  • Try to pay-out afterwards if possible (what makes your participants more reliable in sending their receipts to you).
  • Copy enough travel reimbursement forms in advance.
  • Receipts for exchange rates for the relevant currencies should be printed out in advance.
  • Make sure, that there are enough blank paper sheets (for sticking the original tickets on them), 3 or 4 glue-sticks and some ballpens.
  • Make sure, that you have a receipt block.
  • Make sure, that you have enough small banknotes and coins for drawback.
  • Only pay out when you receive receipts. Pay for return tickets only, when you receive a copy of the return ticket.
  • Write always a receipt for every pay-out (you get always a copy as a proof).
  • Inform your participants where to send the return tickets and boarding passes: to which address until a concrete date.
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