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Why should one belief in the success of your project? Is there a logical connection between your observation of society and the intended outcome that you seek to gain? Your theory of change gives an answer to these questions with a clear "yes".

Theory of change is a very common used term for the explanation of the impact or outcome of an organization or a single activity. We introduce here a basic model that may help you to deepen your understanding of your possible impact in the planning phase. You may use this concept as well during evaluation. Then it helps you to identify ways how to optimize your efficiency in gaining impact.

Theory of change.png

Our model has three major dimensions: Resources, actions, and outcome/impact. Like it is visible in the drawing, all dimensions are connected. You may start to collect and write down the items for each of these three fields.

[edit] 1. Resources

  • Your know-how
  • Partners
  • Finances
  • In kind resources

[edit] 2. Actions

  • Concrete Steps and formats of action, like:
  • 1. Training 1
  • 2. Activity X
  • 3. Working Meeting Y
  • 4. Publication Z

[edit] 3. Concrete Outcome

  • Numbers of affected people
  • Number of activities
  • Involved Media
  • And other somehow measurable information

[edit] 4. Impact

  • Improvement of Skills
  • Gain of Capacities
  • Change of Behavior
  • Societal Change

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