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Think of your communication not as an one-way effort. It is not enough to design a flyer and to concentrate on answering all questions regarding your project in this one flyer. What makes you sure to find the answers on questions that you already do not know?

And facebook or other social networks show everyone, that succesful communication has a multidirectional component. For Facebook like for you the success of your PR can be measured in how many and how deep relations you create.

Therefore we need a more strategic understanding of Public Relation that takes in contribution

[edit] Corporate Identity, Values, Strategic Goals

Our impact on other people can be influenced by our work but never with certainity. The prospects, that others look on us, how we want to appear, increase, if as much dimensions of communication as possible are reflected by our PR work. This is the main idea behind the approach of Corporate Identity. Identity is therefore a mixture of behaviour, communication and design. The basis for it are the mission and the values as well like the strategic goals in the long term perspective.

[edit] Facts and Observations as a basis

Strategic communication must ground on approvable observation or research. This can be an analysis of target groups or stakeholders, reflection or evaluation.

[edit] Processual Planning

Communication is a circular process - the identity is therefore ongoing developing. To act strategically under this circumstances means to plan and evaluate circular. In example, we should plan to invest time and energy for elaluation after important steps (like milestones) or siginificant events. Plans must be flexible enough, that they can be applied to new situations and findings.

[edit] Making Fundamental Decisions on Communication, Behavior and Design

According to an identity based PR-approach you should at first take decisions about your communication style, your behavior and your design concept. What for larger institutions are Style-Guides and Codes of Conduct, can be applied for your needs.

[edit] Developing an Operative PR-Concept

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