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For our project work it is important to identify stakeholders and target groups. This is vital for specifying goals as well as for communication with partners, the public, and everyone affected by your project.

Stakeholders are people, groups, or organizations that are somehow involved in your project. Your task is to consider and balance their various interests in the project.

Your target group(s) also need to be addressed. At the beginning, they are external to your project and your aim is pique their interest in the topic at hand and get them involved.

[edit] Stakeholder

A stakeholder can be a person, a group, or an organization with an interest in or a requirement for an organization. They can influence an organization's activities or be influenced by them. Therefore, the term "stakeholder" can include all actors involved – both those positively and those negatively affected – as well as competitors. An analysis of stakeholders takes into account their relationships to the institution. Points of interest could include:

  • Employees
  • Team members
  • Friends
  • Board members/Decision makers
  • Competitors
  • Financiers
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • ...

[edit] Stakeholder-Analysis

An attempt at a stakeholder analysis is helpful for planning project communication. The basic question is: How many resources do I need to mobilize for the various stakeholders? Stakeholders: Power-Interest Grid

Another is to distinguish between active and passive stakeholders: Active and Passive Stakeholders

[edit] Target group

Planning an event becomes easier if you orient yourself towards target groups. This means that you decide which people you want to affect with a specific event. A rock concert would probably not interest the older people in your city, but would definitely spark interest among your fellow students at your university. Moreover, there is the question of whether your target group is a public or private audience.

Examples for the definition of a target group:

Your project Target Group
"We are planning a European festival and we would like to learn about people’s opinions on the EU." All inhabitants of the city, i.e. a public audience
"We would like to strengthen the bond between older and younger women in Russia / Bulgaria and to encourage communication between generations by providing a workshop." Mothers and daughters from Russia, i.e. a private audience
"On one hand, the seminar in Slovakia will facilitate the cultural exchange among young deaf people and, on the other hand, it will provide young hearing people the insight into the lived experience of deaf people." Young deaf and hearing people from Slovakia
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