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There are immeasurably many methods of evaluation. How can you decide on the suitable methods? These are the following points that are important for the selection of methods…

[edit] Target group – who is asked?

Think about whom you want to ask – some methods are suitable more for children than for adults or they are more appropriate for official situations than for an internal questioning. Evaluation can be and sometimes should be carried out anonymously, because a public discussion is not always sensible. Depending on, for example, how sensitive an aspect or the mood in the group is, you decide on a public, a half-public or a secret questioning.

[edit] Quantitative or qualitative?

You should think how deep your evaluation should go. When you want to know how your participants feel, you ask them to show you “thumb up/down”. Afterwards you know that ten persons feel well and three of them not so well. Or you ask detailed questions, with which you find out why they feel themselves like that or what they need to feel better. You use a quantitative and a qualitative method – both of them are all right, when they suit the situation, they often complement each other.

[edit] Results in colour or...

Choosing your method you should also consider the form, in which you need results. Language, pictures, photos… Many things are possible and they can complete a particular situation or also contrast it. It is important with most methods to formulate a question as concretely as possible.

[edit] When everything is "over"

The exhibition is taken down, the participants go home, the last meeting is over, but the project has not finished yet. The financial and final reports are waiting, of course. Above all, time has come to look back with calm and to think about the outcomes of the project. For one person, for the team, for the surroundings. This step of reflection is decisive for each member of the team personally. Besides, the evaluation of the project as a whole and of single aspects of your work are part of the final report. For this final step you should take your time. And don't start your evaluation process immediately after the exhibition is taken down (some needs one day off, others one week.

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