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Target of a publishing and topics schedule is to anticipate future actions in the field of PR and to plan comprtehensive. This example here shows the approach on one example - elections in Brasil. In your project schedule you will have more occasions than only one. Grounding on the main decisions regarding your Corporate Identity you develop a more operative plan: How can you draw attention to your event? Posters, flyer, info mails / mail-distribution lists, web ads, press releases, announcements in event magazines, TV and radio broadcasts, word-of-mouth...

[edit] Guiding Questions

We found these questions helpful for planning your PR activities:

  • Media planning: What media should in what step of the project be involved?
  • Publications and print: What folders, posters, flyer, sticker have to be produced?
  • Direct Mail: We have to consider this classical way of communication as a very effective channel especially for organizations that can have a quality database of the "right people", the different group leaders.
  • Texting: what kind of texts have to be produced in the different stages of the project?
  • Web: What information about the project will be presented on what website?
  • Multimedia: videos, sound, photos that have to be produced and shared
  • Social Media Communication: the news that should be shared in the different phases in different channels. Promoting in every possible social media channel increases coverage.
  • Stakeholder Communication: what kind of communication with donors, participants, partners in the different stages?

[edit] Example for a Publishing and Topics Schedule

Period: when? Occasion: what? where? who? The news: most important information on top Actions and distribution channels

May 20th -
May 22nd

Presidential elections in Brasil

  • Increasing inequality in the Brasil society and the need to action.
  • Project Rio 4 frio of our fellow Ania Tymińska. Content: Alternative city walks for habitants of poor and rich districts of Rio. Motto: "See the parts of your city where you never would go."
  • Brasil after elections: Analysis of expert and former fellow René Weise.
  • E-Zine #5 for members and friends: portrait of Ania and the project, Article of René Weise
  • Facebook: Photos of the activities of Rio 4 frio and of Ania.
  • Donor mailing with stickers and folder
  • Panel discussion with René Weise in the Latin America Institute Berlin.
  • Two press releases by email (project of Ania, discussion in Berlin).
  • Network-Email: 1.whole network in Germany 2. Event portals „Active Citizenship“, „EuropeEvents“
  • Printed invitation: Mailing for donors and alumni to the discussion in Berlin.

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