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A project description should be precise and short. In case you want to create a long version (e.g. for a meeting with a sponsor or for an application), here are seven additional elements that can be part of a detailed description.


[edit] Starting situation

At the beginning you may want to describe a problem or a demand that exists in the environment of potential readers. The more directly you address them, the better. They should quickly recognize that it is also their problem or their demand: Which problem exists in the environment? Which demand exists? Why is this problem urgent and especially important? Why does it affect the readers? (in this context a small example or a concrete case also works well)

[edit] Goals and impact

Show your goals: Specifying and describing the goals. Add, how the project contributes to them:

  • The project recognizes the problem ...
  • It offers a solution for ...
  • Our project leads to an improvement of the situation...
  • The project has these innovative aspects...

[edit] Procedure

How does the implementation of the project look like? What will be done, when, where, with who, for who? Which steps will be taken? What has not been realized in this way before?

[edit] Project type

Line out, why the Project Type fits best to your goals and interests.

[edit] Plea / personal involvement / request

At the end of such a project description you can forge a bridge to the beginning of the text. A summarizing sentence, which expresses the value of the project, its significance for a particular group, a region or a social development. The middle part of a concept is often only skimmed through, whereas the final sentence is commonly read.

[edit] Additional elements of a detailed project description

[edit] The scope: First condensing, then expanding

A brief project description resulting from concretization will be required again and again. For example, if somebody puts a mic in front of you and expects a definite statement within ten seconds. Or because the sponsor of your dreams comes around in the morning but did not have the time to read the concept. Thus the basic idea should be presentable as concisely as possible. Once you have accomplished this, you can also describe the project in more detail, but you should not become opaque or lose yourself in details.

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