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Many projects are one-time or consecutive events.

  • a traditional conference
  • a guerilla art action
  • an exhibition
  • a movie screening
  • a discussion
  • a creative workshop
  • a flashmob
  • a camp
  • a seminar
  • a game afternoon in the local orphanage
  • a music festival
  • a journey
  • ...

Beyond events there are other possible project types as well, such as

  • a movie project
  • a website
  • a book
  • a campaign
  • ...

[edit] Selection Criteria

Which form suits to your idea? For answering this question look at the following three criteria

  • Societal relevance: What and who will be affected with such a project type?
  • Sustainability: what is more sustainable?
  • Interest of target groups or stakeholders: What type is stimulating more interest? What type do they support?

[edit] Your Motivation

Your motivation is an important selection criteria as well. You like music and want to experience how to organize a concert? Or you have always wanted to know how it is to teach a large group? Or you want to organize something more scientific? Do it! - the project gives you the space for trying out.

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