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The Pomodoro technique is a uncomplicated method to manage time and to keep motivation high. It was invented back in the late 1980s by the Italian writer and inventor Francesco Cirillo, when he was still in school. As a student, he often got frustrated with the inability to complete a task not because of lack of time, but because of poor time management.

Cirillo made attempts to keep concentrated on a task for at least 10 minutes. He was measuring the time with a tomato shaped timer, where actually the name of the technique comes from (pomodoro means tomato in Italian).

Eventually Cirillo noticed that concentration improves when the unit of time we keep focused on an activity is separated by short breaks of 3 or 5 minutes. Later he referred to the time of concentration as a unit of 25 minutes, interrupted by pomodori, breaks of 5 minutes. After a cycle of four pomodori, there should be a break of 15 to 30 minutes.

[edit] Principles

  1. In order to make sure, you are implementing the Pomodoro technique correctly, there are five simple steps to follow.
  2. Chose a task that needs to be accomplished. It could be anything from studying a grammar unit to a regular task in the office.
  3. Set the timer to 25 minutes.
  4. Focus on accomplishing the task for these 25 minutes trying to avoid simple distractions like checking your e-mail box or talking on the phone.
  5. Take a break. Suggested activities for the break could be doing some simple exercises or just taking a glass of water.

After a cycle of four pomodori, take a longer break.

[edit] Pomodoro technique tools

In the official website Pomodoro Technique, there are pieces of information how to handle distractions or how to spend the 5 minutes breaks.

Focus Booster FocusBoosterApp is a web timer with clean design, which helps measuring the time according to Pomodoro technique and it is free to download.

Pomodroido Pomodroido on the other hand is a smartphone application timer that allows customising the concentration sessions and the breaks.

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