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[edit] Seal

Putting responsibility into practice in a project has two advantages: First of all it helps the environment. Secondly, you can use your engagement as a sort of advertisement. You can put seals on websites and on material. Nevertheless, it always has to be explained where these standards are taken into consideration. If this is done in an inconsequent way, you quickly become dubious and the the suspicion of greenwashing is not far. (So please do not write: "Our flights are compensated" but please write: "The flights for the project X are compensated.")

[edit] Paper

You can buy exclusively recycled and FSC-certified paper. You can get this sort of paper in white and it has a good quality - it does not have a blue cast like other white paper, but it is whiter than normal recycling paper (see Haptik).

If the paper shall be non-aging, please look for the standard DIN 6738 - LDK 24-85. This paper allows to be filed for decades.

[edit] Advertising medium

It is possible to buy materials which are biological and under fair conditions produced. There are even advertising medium made out of wood which have the FSC-seal.

[edit] Sending by post

In Germany it is possible to buy additional adhesive labels which compensate the CO2 emission for a national dispatch. When using two adhesive labels even the international dispatch becomes more environment-friendly.

[edit] Food

It is possible to buy coffee and tea as fair-trade and biologically produced products. For events a little sign indicating this can sometimes be enough.

Even when organising bigger events and festivals it is possible to

  • Use locally produced products and involve local service providers
  • Buy fair-trade and biologically produced products
  • Make Vegetarian Food the Norm

[edit] Computer and Hardware

Before the purchase of hardware the behaviour of producers is important but there are also indirect factors influencing the eco-friendliness of a product. For example a product with exchangeable parts which has a guarantee of three years is eco-friendlier than a product with a guarantee of 12 month. Sometimes it is also possible to repair products, even smartphones or laptops.

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