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[edit] Creating texts together

  • Etherpad for download and local installation
  • Etherpad online starting collaboration immediately without installing anything
  • wikimedia Create a wiki to let your projects documents grow
  • wordpress Create a blog and websites for your project while being able to control who can write content
  • RealtimeBoard An online whiteboard for mutiple access and integration of Multimedia content. Build a joint presentation of ideas, projects, findings...
  • Speakol A social platform facilitating debates and discussions around online content.

[edit] Project Management

  • projectplace Professional online project management
  • Asana Collaborative Project Management

[edit] Managing documents, exchanging files

[edit] Surveys

  • Mentimeter Surveys in realtime during an event or meeting, or in advance

[edit] Telecommunication

  • Skype: Microsoft universal tool for all platforms.
  • Open Meetings: multi-language collaboration with audio and video, sketchpad, public and private conferences and recording.
  • Jitsi: An open source Skype alternative

[edit] Communication without nosey pencil pushers

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