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A discussion, a presentation or an open exchange - there exist a lot of different approaches, how to plan and conduct meetings. Which form and function has your meeting? Very different things might be possible - from concert to interactive discussion.

[edit] Goals and targets

YOU decide in which form you want to conduct your event and how it would fit to your project targets. Therefore, the approach of planning goals, content and methods is quite similar to, how facilitators would plan a training or seminar. Their method might help you:

[edit] Four Aspects of Hosting

Art of Hosting developed a four-step approach that might inspire you for planning participative and interactive events.

  • Presence: Reflect your needs and interest as a host. Respect your needs.
  • Become a participant: Listen, have an open-heart and show the willingness to connect.
  • Host conversations: Practice your ability of being in conversation.
  • Co-creation: find a setting that supports interactivity and co-creation. Shape conditions for social relations with your guests and among the guests.
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