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Donors declare with a grant agreement and with the explanation of their conditions for grantmaking legally binding that and under what conditions they support you. It is a legal declaration that you accept with your signature.

[edit] Procedure

Usually the procedure looks like:

  • You fill out an application form or send a project proposal. This is the ground for a decision of a donor.
  • A grant notification letter is the next step. A donor claims, that he wants to support you and gives you the certainity, that the funding can take place. Here is mentioned, what activity under what amount of funding will be supported.
  • Approval conditions explain the rules of usage of the grant. Here you will find often detailed notes to your duties.
  • A grant agreement seals this in form of a double-sided contract.

[edit] Alterations in the grant agreement

It is important to take into account that any large changes of the cost evaluation and financing plan as already registered in the grant agreement must be discussed in advance. After you have a request about making alterations to the grant agreement, the donor will answer you. Not until the management agrees, your alterations become valid.

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