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You had to formulate concrete social and personal goals in your Project description. Besides, you have found criteria, in which you would like to check the success of the goal. This work – an exact definition of goals and the determination of criteria – is an A and O for an evaluation.

Evaluation measures, how close goals and impact of a project are. 
Its evaluative basis are measurable criteria.

An example: The project "stand up" wants to motivate students for societal involvement in the university. The success criteria for the project team is whether students involve more. That sounds pretty abstract and common. What meaning has "involvement" for the team? Is it in their opinion enough, that participants organize a party one time in a semester? Is a weekly informal round OK? Or is the team satisfied when a system of student's self-administration will be established with a lot of intensively involved students?

[edit] Define success

Together with a goal and a criterion, you should figure out most concrete, what defines your success (or failure). In a team the success criteria are relative. It may be important for one member of the project team to inform the local media about the project, another member emphasizes good mood among the participants...; success need not mean the same to everybody. But the team must exchange their opinions at the beginning and as well during the implementation of the project.

[edit] Sustainability, impact, dissemination

Every stakeholder in a project shows different interests to evaluation. For example, in the Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg the aspect personal gain of competencies as a specific from of impact is highly relevant.

For other supporters this may not be the case. The criterias result from the terms for support, formulated by every supporter. Many supporters raise special awareness to sustainability, societal impact and dissemination - if your project has had an impact in your environment and what kind of impact it has been. And certainly, how many other people noticed this. Concrete instruments and ideas, how to do increase your impact: Dissemination & Exploitation of Results

Often donors give clear hints which criteria they have for success measurement, like

  • minimum number of participants
  • presence of special target groups (30 participants from 5 countries)
  • persons affected of the project in total (12 000 people through media, 500 participants, 30 team members, 10 instuitutions in the steering committee, ...)
  • Percentag of your financial contributions or of third-party sources (Our grantmaking limits up to 60% of total costs)
  • ...

[edit] Non-fulfillment or over fulfillment – when things do not go as expected

It is not about to achieve all goals and standards. It is more important to know why it works differently as planned. You can find it out with the help if a well-planned evaluation. In the future formulate your goals more realistically or ambitiously, consider better external influences, plan more time...

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