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Documentations have several functions. In order to find the right form, you can reflect on how interested the particular addressee of a documentation is: A supporting organization is highly interested in quantifiable facts, a guest in a seminar is possibly more interested in an atmospheric aura. A participant in a training is as well interested in documentation, but will do this more in individualized form (like through a learning diary).

Concerning the form - everything is possible and makes sense. Text, film, photo, or products developed in the project. We selected some aspects that might help you to think about tools and ways of documentation in your initiative or your seminar:

[edit] Illustrating the Atmosphere

  • the location
  • the people
  • the style of work or facilitation

[edit] Evaluating Goal achievement

  • overall goals have been achieved.
  • learning goals were addressed like expected

[edit] Showing the Impact

  • intellectual outcome
  • change in behavior and attitude
  • echo of the activities in the public

[edit] Collecting Insights

  • new insights, conclusions
  • thoughts, questions
  • results

[edit] Meeting of formal requirements

  • grants were used like planned
  • the expected target groups were included
  • content took place like planned
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