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[edit] Social Media

  • The plus: Very fast you will have sent your information to a big number of people..
  • The minus: Most will not notice it careful enough.
  • Communicate as well in facebook dialogic, repeatedly and thematically focused.
  • Combine online methods and direct communication: address relevant people in both ways.

[edit] Flyer, Posters

  • Plus: They contain much information and offer you the possibility for graphic and pictorial expression.
  • Minus: Printed materials are expensive, you need specific expertise in the production and posters and flyers will not distribute independently.
  • Make Flyer and Posters as PDFs available for download.
  • Remind to inform about links for download and more information in your promotional emails.
  • Possible places for distribution: bars, blackboards, entrance halls.
  • Active distribution: Talk with possible participants and give them the material directly: Information tables, a promotional action in your university hall, in the cafeteria, ...

[edit] Postcards

  • A retro mailing instead of emailing? In todays time a surprising media.
  • Focus on a limited group
  • Be surprising: graphic quality, reduced text, clear message.

[edit] Friends of Friends

  • Those who know you and your activities can easier be mobilized to identify possible and fitting participants.
  • You needn't to use this method as "last-exit-strategy" - why not planning it from the beginning?
  • Ask in your call for application for references from third persons. Motivate your network to recommend people.

[edit] Contact Person

Stick a notice with the contact data of a concrete person under each material and email. "The project team" sounds like "the Central Comittee".

[edit] Information Event

  • Take the societal relevant topic of your project as an occasion for an event: discussion, movie screening, experts table, ...
  • Maybe you can combine two things - promotion for the program, in whose framework you are making your project, and for your project activities?

[edit] Networks of other fellows

  • Use the network of the other fellows.
  • Use the network of supporting organizations - this has as well another effect: they see more detailed, what you are doing and possible show more interest in your work
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