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People’s participation is a central principle in civil society. Therefore we have to incorporate it into our trainings as an important methodical principle. As a participative facilitator you assist participants to bring out the full potential of every individual and the entire group. You set goals, choose methods, ask questions, and create a good setting), while your participants determine how they contribute.

Or in other words: You are helping a new project, thought, or discovery come to life. You are very close to the results but you are neither its father nor its mother - it's always the participant.

[edit] Main aspects of a facilitative training approach

While performing in trainings we prove that we are able to reflect on these dimensions in participants' self-evaluations.

[edit] A facilitator is...

  • A consultant who designs work sessions with a specific focus or intent
  • An adviser who brings out the full potential of working groups
  • A provider of processes, tools and techniques that help the group to gain efficiency and to come through with a process
  • A person, who keeps a group meeting on track
  • Someone who helps to resolve conflicts
  • Someone who draws out participation from everyone, to ensure that the full potential of the group is achieved
  • Someone, who organizes the work of the group
  • Someone who makes sure that the goals are met
  • Someone who provides structure for the work of a group
  • Someone who organizes space and time
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