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A collaborative evaluation in a training. Each participant marks his or her fish. Near the surface means +, at the ground means -.

After an event took place, there are different ways for evaluating it. We recommend a mix of different methods, unless every participants likes to express differently. The following dimensions appear for us helpful to be in your mind:

[edit] Anonymous evaluation

It helps to get informations and feedback that will never be expressed in the public of a group, or even be easier expressed without the group.

  • Questionaire
  • Postbox for the facilitators

[edit] Personal evaluation

It includes a very personal perspective on your event but as well means personal reflection of the individual gain of ceompetencies, the change of attitude or feeling at the concrete moment.

[edit] Group evaluation

It helps participants to gain clarity through a common discussion, i. e. over the golden threat of an event. It might as well be a quiet but collaborative work, like it is illustrated with the aquarium.

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