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It is that time at last – your event is taking place! Your planning has come through several different stages: you have begun with an idea, developed that into a theoretical concept and now face its implementation.

There are various elements involved in conducting an event including planning, organization, supervisory and regulatory phases. Each of these elements will involve a number of separate tasks, responsibilities and competencies.

[edit] The choice of the form

YOU decide in which form you want to conduct your event and how it would fit to your project targets.

You like music and want to experience how to organize a concert? or you already asked how it is to teach a large group? Or you want to organize something more scietific? Do it, the project gives you the space for trying out. The more you are motivated the easier you will find the path to implementation.

[edit] Project planning

Surprise or consciously planned? Both can work. However the first is exertive and things tend to go worse. See your main threat as a cord that connects the situation at the beginning with your goal. Project planning is the art of spinning and using this cord.

[edit] The first concept

Here you find some hints, how to describe your first ideas more concrete in a project concept: Specifying and describing the goals.

[edit] PR

The planning of case-specific PR for your concrete event differs from planning your regular public relations. Here some of the aspects which our experience showed us as important: Case-specific PR

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