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You evaluated your success - and then? Where is the sustainability? And as well others may gain from your experience or findings. Dissemination and exploitation of results help you to increase your impact or range. The very inspiring handbook for youth projects Making Waves puts this in a nutshell as "increasing the impact of your youth project, making the limited resources (work, time, money,...) go as far as possible."

Therefore the main challenge in your dissemination and exploitation strategy is to explain, how your activity changes the the involved peoples' behavior, your environment, your society, or the world.

[edit] Increase Your Impact

The footing of all are good results or findings. These are often described with the terms impact or outcome. Look as well into the article: PR and social responsibility, explaining, how impact may be integrated in you communication strategy.

Visibility Show you and your initiative:
  • Promotion
  • Information
  • Marketing,
  • Corporate Identity
  • Public events
Exploitation of results Share your experiences, train others, improve procedures and systems:
  • Trainings for multypliers,
  • development of handbooks
  • documentations,
  • working papers
Dissemination of results Spread and distribute your results:
  • Mailing lists,
  • presentation of results,
  • virtual toolboxes like getting-involved.net
  • distribute your documentations or handbooks
Mainstreaming Feed your results and experiences into policy, recommendations, or advocacy:
  • Meetings or conferences with relevant experts, politicians, members of public administration;
  • Policy papers,
  • Visits...
Multiplying Feed your results/products into future activities
  • New projects
  • Follow-up activities
  • Into other organizations/groups

Applied source: Making waves p. 10; inclusion@salto-youth.net

[edit] During the Typical Project Phases

Most donors expect that already your project description informs about your idea, how your findings and products will be distributed. Dissemination and exploitation takes time and therefore you need to integrate it in your project management from the early planning.

[edit] Planning

[edit] Core Activities

[edit] After Your Core Activities

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