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Times pass so quickly - were all your efforts for naught? This is not necessarily the case. Depending on the program, there are possibilities for submitting the proposal even after the deadline has passed.

[edit] Postmark

Sometimes the postmark is the decisive factor. Find out which post offices are open late.

[edit] Mailbox

If your documents can be put directly into an in-house mailbox, you should find out the exact delivery time in advance.

[edit] The system time hack

A computer system's clock can be turned back. Usually the recipient's mail program also shows this new, manipulated time. This can be done with a bit of expertise, but it is not such a common practice.

[edit] Handing in certain documents at a later date

You might be able to submit your main documents on time and then hand in a few specific ones at a later date. It is worth finding out about this possibility in advance.

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