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This is understood as the whole communications of an institution in all media. Corporate Identity (often "CI") gives orientation and interpretes the overriding corporate objectives and values. It steers the interactions with the environment and within the internal sphere. It integrates and excludes the environment and the internal actors.

[edit] Image

The image is the interpretation of the own identity by the environment. It is a result of an identity based communication. Therefore you cannot simply develop and control an image. Here one example from the field where a lot of moeney is in the PR game - the automotive industry.

As Toyota introduced their new sport car MR-2 to France they did not notice how French pronounce the name of the car - mer-de. And then it was too late - the public took notice from the new car, but in a not intended - negative - way. Toyota had to change the name to Toyota MR.

Things like at Toyota will always happen. But to prevent surprises, the most effective it is, when you at first raise awareness to all dimensions of your communication with internal and external stakeholders:

  • Visual Identity
  • Messages, information - and names
  • Your style of interaction

For coming from an associative collection of items to a communication strategy, designers and communication experts started to distinct between Corporate Design, Corporate Communication and Corporate Behavior.

[edit] Corporate Design

A design framework, that defines core elements. Often using style guides for the whole institution or guides for brand identities. They include as example:

[edit] Corporate Communication

Not only the pure language, also the style of communication and the communication culture of an institution. Middle term orientation.

A project communicates with a lot of diverse groups. Any medium and any group have a preferred style. Therefore it is useful to make differentiations. Youth will not be mobilized by the sound of the "Daily Observer of the Siberian Administration". On the other hand, a maior can be shocked by slang.

  • Language
  • Identity based
  • Stakeholder specific (Donor communication, member communication, customer communication,... )
  • Reflecting internal (a.e. annual meetings) and external occasions (catastrophies, actual political topics, seasons, ...)

[edit] Corporate Behaviour

Focussing on the identity as processes. Very image relevant. Sustainable changes need patience and long term orientation.

[edit] Strategic PR and a concrete Civil Initiative

Breaking this abstract principles down, you may come to concrete instruments and activities that help to gain your impact: Dissemination & Exploitation of Results.

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