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[edit] Basic information

  • Title of the project
  • Your names, contact data
  • Places of implementation,
  • Direct participants of the project (total number, short description of their background)
  • Partners of your project,
  • Involved public (readers, auditory or similar)

[edit] Goals/reasons for the project

Explain the initiative and the goals of the project: The project recognizes the problem, offers a solution and leads to an improvement of the situation. Here you should focus on your goals and the innovative aspects: What has not been there before? Who does it affect?

[edit] Procedure

How did the implementation of the project look like? What was done, when, where, with who, for who? Which steps were taken? What has not been realized in this way before?

[edit] Proofs

[edit] Additional elements of a detailed project documentation

  • Which target groups, cooperation partners and supporters
  • Success or quality criteria: measuring your success. See as well your formerly developed goals and criteria of evaluation
  • The project in the public: measurement of contacts and visibility in the public
  • Outlook: Which follow-up activities are planned?

[edit] Finances

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