City Rally on Sustainable Development

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City rallies help everyone become more familiar with the place where the meeting is held, help you and your participants get to know one another, and provide information on sustainable development. Participants form small teams that receive instructions for a trip through the city. After their independent work they present their results to the other participants.

[edit] Goals

Participants get to know one another /plan and act in a team. Discover the new environment. Start to work with Sustainable Development.

[edit] How to do it

Split participants into groups of 4-5 persons / give them various tasks concerning the city and Sustainable Development (see examples) and have them present their results and findings creatively. An unit about Sustainable Development can follow.

[edit] In short

  • Time: 5 hours: ½ hour explanation, 3½ hours rally and introduction, 1 hour presentation and reflection
  • Persons: 10 – 40
  • Materials: Prepare the tasks beforehand (best: walk through the city for inspiration), print them, prepare lunch packets or money for lunch, emergency numbers.

[edit] Experience

By choosing different tasks you can address various levels of learning such as topical, touristic, creative, cognitive... Keep in mind that participants need time and resources for recreation, lunch, shopping.

[edit] Source

  • Arpine Galfayan, Sebastian Wehrsig, Nils-Eyk Zimmermann: Environment and Civil Involvement; How Can We Connect Sustainable Development Education and Active Citizenship Empowerment? ISBN 978-3-944012-01-8 Online
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