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Taking a seminar project as an example, we would like to provide reference points for potential tasks with this checklist

Before the seminar/event Who? Comments
Kontakt zum Seminarhaus
Contact to the seminar building
Contact to the participants
Contact to the speakers
Contact to the mentor
Finances: preparation cash for payoffs
Preparation of the material
During the seminar/event Who? Comments
Contact to the persons responsible at the seminar building
Picking up the participants
Welcome / kick-off (with introductory games)
Getting started: presentation of the seminar plan
Practice/seminar section
Practice/seminar section
Recreational or cultural program
Farewell party
Finances: participation fees
Finances: travel expense accounting
Participant list
Certificates for the participants
Farewell and departure of the participants
After the seminar/event Who? Comments
Attendance of the participants
Final report/documentation
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