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[edit] Planning principles

  • Set precise deadlines
  • Discuss clear responsibilities
  • Show special attention to the milestones (they help you control your planning)
  • Reflect critically your time resources

[edit] Proposal for a schedule

Period: when? Until What? Included tasks Responsibility: who? Attention


Third week of May


  • Calculation,
  • Looking for supporters,
  • Identifying project team
  • Finding locations
  • Finding technical equipment

Jens, Nino

Andrea examin (until May 10th)


July 2nd


  • First story proposal
  • First sketches

Romana, Waltraud


August 15th

Milestone 1: Completion of preparatory work

  • The script is finished.
  • The shooting location is prepared.
  • The participants have been cast.


Romana in England (until July 30th)

[edit] Possible tasks

The following list collects tasks, that our projects typically identify:

  • Development of the project idea
  • Looking for partners and involve them in planning process
  • Collect and study information about funding opportunities, deadlines and conditions
  • Get advice from/ preliminiary talks with supporting institution
  • Collect all necessary information for planning process (partner, participants, insurance, rooms etc.)
  • Concrete budget and finance plan, discuss it with partners
  • Detailed plan of the project and its conditions
  • Sending a project proposal
  • Make reservations (e.g. rooms)
  • Send request to speakers etc.
  • Inform partners
  • Sign contracts (rooms, trainers or speakers, transport etc.)
  • Print invitations, posters, program etc. and send/deliver them
  • Write and launch press release
  • Control budget and finance plan
  • Confirm applications
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