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[edit] General

  • Your Contact data
    • Address
    • Website
    • Phone
    • Email
  • How do contribute pictures, space, typography and text to your main message?
  • What can be more efficient?

[edit] Partners, Supporters, Sponsors

  • Correct name (including foreign languages)
  • Correct logos
  • Correct colors
  • Anyone missing?

[edit] Pictures

  • Is the picture source mentioned?
  • Do you have the rights to use the picture?
  • Is it qualitative enough for printing (solution)?
  • Is there a image concept in your publication?

[edit] Text

  • Proofreading
  • Is there a clear hierarchy between first level headline and second level headline?
  • Is there only one bullet format?
  • Only one format for highlighting
  • Is the text structure logical?
  • The most important keywords - are they located in the most prominent places?

[edit] Typography

  • Do you have the rights to use the fonts?
  • Is the typography reflecting the text structure consequently?

[edit] Material

  • Is it the same like in your other publications?
  • Is it eco-friendly (i.e. FSC certified paper)?
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