Checklist: planning of content and dissemination

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With the help of this checklist, you can plan to share the content you have chosen with others. These may also be relevant:

[edit] 1. Analysis

  • Relevance: the unique reasons why other people should increase their awareness regarding your issues
  • Timeliness: the unique reasons why the project should happen now
  • Existing resources: already developed content you can use
  • New resources: Content and material that has to be developed

[edit] 2. People

  • Who specifically should be addressed? (See also: Stakeholders and target groups)
  • Identify the specifics for how target groups can meet. (Places, days, hours, ...)
  • Motivation for action: What do you want to change? How do you want to affect people?
  • What are the possibilities for participation?

[edit] 3. Message

  • The main message and your mission
  • Your precise message relating to current issues or events

[edit] 4. Organization

[edit] 5. Style

  • Are different target groups shown particular preferences?
  • Formality: How formally/informally should you share your content?
  • Clarity: What elements of your content can be reduced in order to make your message clearer and easier to understand?
  • Authenticity: Is there enough of your personality in the content?

[edit] 6. Creating opportunities for contact

You should always provide a phone number or an email address so that you can be contacted. You should also consider the target group when you choose which email address to list: does not convey the right degree of professionalism. You should take some printed material with you when you go to a personal meeting. For press contacts it is worthwhile to follow up by phone. Which kinds of information are particularly interesting? To which person in particular? By fax or email?

Consider the channel through which you want to be contacted primarily. Also think about alternative channels in the event of technical difficulties or if you have to coordinate something on short notice.

  • email
  • phone number
  • fax number
  • messenger account
  • Facebook account
  • postal address

[edit] 7. Events and Meetings

Beyond resources and materials, which kind of events or meetings would improve your dissemination and exploitation of results?

  • Training
  • Conference
  • Talk with experts or politicians
  • Public event
  • Study visit
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