Checklist: Process of evaluation

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[edit] Fix areas and goals

  • What do you want to examine? Cooperation, program at the meeting, quality of the product…
  • Why do you want to examine? To settle the difficulties in the project team, to inform the supporters about the results…
  • When did you reach your goals? All/two thirds/the half are satisfied with the seminar; 100/350/600 persons were present at the theater performance; you have done something what you would never dare to do…

[edit] Methods of working and decide on the tasks

  • Who makes an evaluation?
  • Who is asked? The project team, the participants, the visitors of the exhibition, your best friends who can say if you have changed…
  • When is it evaluated? Before/during/after a discussion; with which method do you work?

[edit] Carry out and analyze the questioning

  • What does all the information say? The goal was achieved or not, unexpected results, exceeded the expectations…
  • Who should be informed about it? Who else will use the evaluation? How will they use it?

Stays in the project team, will be written in the final report…

[edit] Plan consequences

  • What remains as it was till now?
  • What should you change?
  • Which methods you should keep or not for the projects in future?
  • What can you learn for further work or for the projects in future?
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