Checklist: Evaluation questions

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[edit] Teamwork

  • What did you like especially about the work in the team?
  • Which elements of the teamwork did you find hard?
  • How was the communication and distribution of tasks? What would you do afterwards differently?
  • What would you pay special attention to when you work in a team again? Levels in regard with contents

[edit] Content

  • Have you had enough time to occupy yourself with the contents of your project (e.g.: ecological policy, applied theater, freedom of speech…)?
  • Which aspect regarding contents would you like to follow further?
  • Was the contents of your project interesting for the target group?
  • Does your surroundings further occupation with the contents? How could they look like?

[edit] Competences

  • Which knowledge and skills exactly have you gained?
  • Which was the greatest challenge and how have you dealt with it?
  • Have you discovered in you anything that surprised you?

[edit] A useful tip

Ask as well people who were directly involved in this project (e.g.: your family, friends, teachers…), how they judge your development in the last year. It can open up new perspectives – and in the best case motivate! More inspiration: Training Links

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