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Forecasting your expected expenses as well as working out financing options for individual parts of your project will show that you are in control and that you have really thought of everything when planning the project. You must precisely consider:

  • how much money you need for your project
  • what exactly you need this money for
  • what possibilities are there to save money
  • what you can get from your partners for free
  • from which sources and for what purposes you can request money
  • when you need the money to cover the expenses and how much

[edit] Cost and funding plan

Your thoughts about the expenses you will actually incur and the means they will be paid through are your starting point in drawing up the Budget and financing plan. This plan is an important part of the Project proposals for donors.

[edit] Legal basis: decision, conditions of the grant, grant agreement

Your project proposal is in the beginning a legally non-binding request for funding. Certainly, you and your donor need a legal declaration of the other party. They sign a grant agreement.

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