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This is a method that helps to grasp a subject in its whole profoundness. It works according to two phases.

[edit] Gathering all kind of information

The first one is about gathering all kinds of associations on a subject in a neutral manner and without comment: One person writes them down, one below the other, no matter if they seem appropriate or unworthy of discussion. In doing so you should go beyond the point where the first brainstorming seems to be exhausted. Because it is only then that unconscious associations come to the fore, which other methods for gathering ideas cannot reveal.

[edit] Systematization

In the second phase you can systematize the different aspects of the brainstorming either by means of a mindmap or with the help of another method for grouping.

[edit] Tips

  • Don’t judge: there are no bad ideas at this point. There will be plenty of time to judge ideas later.
  • Encourage wild ideas: it’s the wild ideas that often create real innovation. It is always possible to bring ideas down to earth later!
  • Build on the ideas of others: think in terms of ‘and’ instead of ‘but.’ If you dislike someone’s idea, challenge yourself to build on it and make it better.
  • Stay focused on topic: you will get better output if everyone is disciplined.
  • Be visual: try to engage the logical and the creative sides of the brain.
  • One conversation at a time: allow ideas to be heard and built upon.
  • Go for quantity: set a big goal for number of ideas and surpass it! Remember there is no need to make a lengthy case for your idea since no one is judging. Ideas should flow quickly.
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