Benefits of Mentoring

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[edit] Why do I need to become a mentor?

In general mentoring is a tool for personal and professional development. Depending on how deep you go into the mentoring process and how much time you invest the more and greater the benefits for mentor and mentee. Naturally the outcome for the mentee is the biggest.

Mentorship is one of the most productive and nurturing relation that can be recognized among all different kind of support. The uniqueness of the mentoring comes along with its grand source of intrinsic motivation, support and understanding. It depends from a more personalized relation between the mentor and the mentee that is not usual for other forms of learning. Needless to speak about the importance of personal relationships and role models in development of people’s personalities and their learning processes, especially in the informal practical education. Mentoring is a instrument for several purposes, like

[edit] Mentoring - for what?

  • Building personal relationships (building trust between people, enlarging their personal networks)
  • Teaching (transfer of knowledge)
  • Learning life skills (helping a mentee to gain universal, informal knowledge and soft skils)
  • Assisting in transition (supporting a mentee that is in between two important life phases)
  • Sharing power (Preparing a person for an important position)

[edit] Outcome for mentors and mentees

In a succesful mentoring mentee and mentor will have profits like

  • Support in work and career
  • A bigger personal network
  • Expertise and knowledge
  • Close relation to an institution, that provides a mentoring program
  • Trustful and authentic feedback
  • Shared idealism or involvement
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