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[edit] Transfer of funds

The funds approved in the budget and financing plan are mostly not paid all at once but by instalment accordingly to the needs. Then you have to apply for it each time. This procedure is often called “call for funds”.

[edit] Money in advance

Sometimes you get the money also before the requested measures have proceeded and before the first expenditures were made. This is called “money in advance”.

[edit] Receipts

All revenues from funds have to be documented by receipts in the costs evaluation. A receipt provides information about usage of the funds. More to this topic:Receipts for expenditures and revenues.

[edit] Issuing receipts

Revenue receipt
Most convenient is the standard receipts book which is common in Germany or your land. You are supposed to sign the receipt as far as you are the one receiving the money. The person, who gave you the money, keeps the original. As the receiver you keep the copy and thus your revenue receipt.

Alternatively you may use self-made receipts.

[edit] Compilation of the revenue receipts

You are supposed to include all the revenue receipts into your documentation of the project costs evaluation. In order to keep track of things, you should better begin with attaching and sorting the evidence as soon as you get the first voucher and receipt.

[edit] Documentation of third-party funds

Third-party funds

[edit] Documentation of the in-kind contributions

These services, which may be translated into money, are often difficult to document but it’s still worth a try. The university can give you an evidence of providing you the rooms for free but because it did not become any money from you, it won ´t charge you with the value of this service. Another example: a baker can give you the evidence of delivering 50 rolls. Anyway, you can prove that you obtained a service. In the comments you can calculate the value comprehensibly. In any case it pays to ask the donors whether they want these nonmonetary services to be documented and how.

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