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To come straight to the point: If your accounting is crudely flawed, then your personal reputation will rapidly diminish. Because, from the perspective of an accountant, only that which can be documented has also been spent - and this can mostly be proven by expense vouchers. Thus, make it easier for your financiers and, aside from the atmosphere of your project, also try to document the ‘formal’ part in the requested manner. Trying means: Show your effort, ask questions, discuss problems that you cannot solve immediately. Nothing is worse than giving the impression that you do not take finances seriously.

[edit] Parts of a costs evaluation

The documentation outlines the aspects of content and the financial aspects. The financial aspect is called costs evaluation.

[edit] Basis: Grant agreement

The only basis for drawing up a usage lists and additional payments and repayments is the budget and financing plan as it was agreed in the grant agreement. You should have the plan at your side during drawing up the usage lists. Please keep in mind: at the point of costs evaluation, big changes are mostly not possible anymore.

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