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Fairness and economy are illustrated with the example of the way a pair of jeans begins with cotton grown in Africa, then is manufactured before it is sent to a shop in your country. There are documentaries available that illustrate this. Textile manufacturing is increasingly globalized industry. The primary countries for production of jeans are: Bangladesh, China, Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, and Tunisia


[edit] 1. The way of a pair of jeans


[edit] Production Conditions

The reasons that certain countries are favored for production usually entail:

  • disregard of workers’ rights
  • workers are often women and children
  • very long working hours (> 60 hrs. / Week) and low wages (not enough to cover basic needs)
  • poor safety and hygiene conditions
  • discrimination against women (they earn less than men).

[edit] 2. Value added chain of a pair of jeans


[edit] Source

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