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In the list of third-party funding there are commonly all revenues documented which don’t come from the funds of one of the donors.

  • Payments of the participants
  • Money from other partners, organisations or sponsors
  • In-kind contribution

With the list you are also proving that the quotas from other donors, which were approved in the budget and financing plan, were actually at your disposal during the project implementation. Please keep in mind: The eventual changes in the third-party funds should be announced in time as well! The approval conditions often depend also on the revenues from a third party.


Financial contribution In-kind-contribution
Donor ...for what? Amount ...€ Donor ...for what? Equal to an amount of... €
British Council Belgrade Lodging, board, travel costs 5.000 University Belgrade Rooms for the training 200
Participants Fees 270 Bundeszentrale f. politische Bildung Salary for experts 300
University Belgrade Internet 25
5.270 525
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