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No matter if it is a press release, an info mail or a poster – before you write a text you should give thought to conceptual ideas. Texts have to correspond to the particular event or the target group. Here is some advice that should be seen as a complement to the project description.


[edit] When to provide information?

The best bet is to pick up on a current issue or to establish a local relation.

[edit] What to communicate?

Communicate what makes your idea unique, what no other project features. In doing so these questions can help: “Who does what, when, where and how?”

[edit] A matter of style!

Every medium and every target group demands its own style. One cannot reach adolescents by using the linguistic style of the “Public News Magazine for Siberian Administration”. The mayor will be shocked by MTV language. One has to communicate with target groups the way they like it: With flyers, posters, by phone or email or by means of new media like blogs and podcasts.

[edit] Remaining authentic

The most important and most difficult issue: You have to remain authentic and this implies: do not write too scholarly and write as vividly as possible.

[edit] Creating opportunities for contact

In any case you should always give a phone number or an email address by which one can get in touch with you. You should also consider the target group when you choose an email address: catwoman@yahoo.com is not a good idea. You should take some printed matter with you when you go to a personal meeting. In the case of press contacts it is worthwhile to follow up by phone. Which kinds of information are particularly interesting? To which person especially? By fax or email?

Consider the channel through which you want to be contacted primarily. Also think about alternative channels – in case of technical difficulties or if you have to coordinate something on short notice.

  • email
  • phone number
  • fax number
  • messenger account
  • Facebook account
  • postal address
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