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There are many different reasons that bring young people to do something for others. These reasons coexist on equal footing. The special thing about voluntary work is that the motivation itself is a part of the project idea: You do something, you want to change something – in contrast to those who only talk but do not act. And you work free of charge.

Just like the project goal itself, the dedication of the team members has to be communicated in the context of public relations. Volunteer teams do not necessarily differ from professional project managers in terms of professionalism. In contrast to professionals, however, they are ‘authentic’. The only thing that makes the difference between professionals and you is that you do not work on a project because you get paid for it.

This characteristic of voluntary projects is of particular advantage for your PR work. You need support for your project. The first thing that crosses your mind are sponsors. But, in voluntary work, exactly those people are important who can support you in other ways. They are important multipliers for your project: If they enjoy that you do something for others, they will give you something that can be more important than money: Fundraising is friendraising.




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