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An original and interesting venue that suits the character of your event will make your project memorable. A follow-up event of a symposium on the subject of “Belarus and the EU” at the “European University Viadrina” in Frankfurt/Oder does not necessarily have to take place at the same venue again. It could also take place in Belarus or in a EU city near the border to Belarus. Thus place and subject would be linked.

[edit] Obtaining approvals early on

Do not forget: No matter in which country you are planning your event, you have to register with the responsible authority in due time, obtain an approval and negotiate the conditions.

[edit] Seminars and workshops

Of course every seminar and every event demands its specific form, depending on duration, place, target group, method and many other factors. The particular tasks can thus vary enormously. As a rule it is better to modify the list according to your needs. An inspection prior to the seminar is recommended in order to check if the conditions are proper for the seminar work.

  1. The venue should match the subject of the seminar,
  2. the seminar building should be suited for the participants,
  3. lodgings should be budget-priced and easy-to-reach,
  4. large premises (both inside and outside) should be available,
  5. communication technology and copying machine should be in place.
  6. Accomodation of participants with special needs is possible
  7. Travel: the venue is accessible and reachable from all our potential beneficiaries.

[edit] Venues for events

Regarding the venue there are different requirements for concerts, performances or festivals. The following aspects may serve as a guideline.

  • Does the event take place inside or outside? If outside: What happens in case of bad weather?
  • How do the rooms look like? By all means inspect the venue beforehand; optimally prepare a plan.
  • How many/which rooms will be used?
  • Where can the stage be constructed? Where will the audience be located?
  • Where and how will food and drinks be made available? How can they be delivered?
  • Where can information material be put on display? Is there a coat check and is it sufficiently big? How is the checkout situation arranged? (admission, consumption,…)
  • How can the venue be reached (by foot, car, public transportation, by suppliers)? *Have the guests been given directions?
  • Are further parking spaces / storage rooms necessary?
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