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After selection of your participants it is useful to inform then as early as possible. Especially in international contexts we have to keep in mind, that visa need to be organized or that travel connections should be booked earliest to reduce costs. As well participants need information about the background, the place and the conditions. Especially those with special needs, with fear travelling abroad or those that have a full schedule and beyond your event as well other things to do.

Some basic elements should be included, like:

  • Activity dates
  • Venue: place, address, website
  • Information about accomodation standard (especially: average persons in each room, wifi, rooms without barrers)
  • How to use public transport to come and leave
  • Exact starting and closing time (with a hint, that leaving earlier needs to be clarified in advance.
  • Visa requirements
  • Health regulations (insurance, vaccinations)
  • Conditions of reimbursement of travel costs
  • Contatct details of organizers (telephone, email)
  • Preparation (tasks, material, presentations) and the concrete conditions (is there a projector? USB? which software available? Can the personal device be used?)
  • Necessary technical equipment
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