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Communication is such an obvious part of our lives that we do not always consciously pay attention to it. Successful communication, however, is essential and deserves more attention. Because every project is connected with communication, it is very important to consider not only about What, but also about How, you communicate also through (meta-communication).

People have rich possibilities to express. This helps us to understand and interact intuitively without long back and for the questioning procedures or fatiguing affirmation. We understand and agree without many words. On the other hand communication is ambiguous. For dealing with it we need observation and reflection of our interpretations. Communicative skills and methods of communication help us to manage projects in a cooperative and accepted style.

In our civil involvement both are important: To send messages about what we are doing, as well as how we are doing it. How is focusing on our communication style with our stakeholders. It includes also our values and general assumptions of our project partners, donors, target groups.

[edit] Humanist principles

[edit] Communication practically

[edit] Communication technically

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