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[edit] Media planning

[edit] Target groups

[edit] Content planning

[edit] Local Planning

[edit] Task planning

Particular tasks that result from case-specific PR have to be coordinated accurately. This is because PR tasks often overlap with other organizational tasks of event management as the following aspects illustrate.

  • Who invites press representatives? Who is the contact person for the press?
  • Have you prepared a press release that includes information about the event?
  • Flyers about your supporters and partners?
  • How can you involve supporters
    • e.g. by acknowledgements,
    • free tickets,
    • invitations,
    • situating them within the context of the event?
  • Who takes pictures and/or films in order to document the event? If events take place inside: Is the camera‚Äôs flash powerful enough?
  • Do you have to pay license fees (in Germany: GEMA)?
  • Which fire regulations and other legal issues are there?
  • Do you have to obtain approvals?
  • Make Vegetarian Food the Norm
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