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[edit] Why a Wiki?

One specific detail of a wiki is that it is open to continuing updates and for ongoing development. Compared to the strict text structures of a book or a single article, a wiki works more like a cognitive map. Therefore Wikis fit often better to the changing needs of changemakers: New approaches come up, their social conditions change, new tools change the way of work. A supportive tool needs to react quickly on such challenges and to link the new knowledge more flexible with our knowledge map.

And wikis offer better accessibility – anyone with internet access can access the content, which helps many people to make societal changes. We also decided to obtain an open Creative Commons License and to use MediaWiki, a free software under the GNU General Public License from Wikipedia.

[edit] The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg

The Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg supports young people who wish to engage as active and selfreliant citizens. Our tools include seminars, further education, support for volunteer work in projects and guidance through mentorship.

Our qualifcation concept allows us to concentrate on the personal development of the individual, strengthening social skills and assuming responsibility. In our focus regions we work together with partners in local or crossborder programs.

We promote a culture of active citizenship, which for us means transparency, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality-orientation and social responsibility. The Theodor- Heuss-Kolleg is a program of the foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung and the MitOst Association.

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